PhD Examinations

1. PhD examinations are an integral part of research and pedagogical staff’s assessment. A PhD examination aims to determine the level of a students’ professional knowledge and the degree of their preparedness for independent research activities. A successful passing of PhD examination is obligatory to obtain the degree of a PhD.

2. PhD examinations must be taken in History & Philosophy of Science, in a foreign language, and in a special discipline as per the theme of a student’s thesis. To obtain a permission to take a PhD examination, student must have submitted their scientific report to the Unit of Postgraduate Programs not later than March 10.

3. The PhD examination in a special discipline must determine the level of a student’s theoretical and professional proficiency, as well as their knowledge of the basic concepts and methodological issues of the corresponding science, the history of its formation and development, its factual material, and the main theoretical and practical issues of that science.

4. PhD examinations in History & Philosophy of Science and in a foreign language are examinations in general scientific disciplines; they shall be taken as per programs that are developed and approved by the Ministry of Education & Science of the Russian Federation.

5. PhD examinations shall be taken once a year as a session.

6. Should a thesis be presented to the dissertation council, a PhD examination may be taken beyond the determined terms of an examination session.

7. Once a PhD examination has been passed successfully, a certificate of official standard shall be issued to confirm its successful passing. Once the last PhD examination has been passed successfully, all the certificates shall be exchanged for a single certificate.

8. No repeated PhD examination shall be permitted.

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