Sport and Fitness Center

Sport and Fitness Center is available for ASU students, teachers and personnel to relax and maintain health. The Center includes advanced sports areas and gyms, dry swimming area and a swimming pool.

Every student may attend sport and fitness sections: Water Aerobics, Swimming, Fitness, Pilates, Volleyball, and Football.

ASU swimming pool that is equipped with Italian cleaning system has been working since 2018. The swimming pool length is 25 m, depth – 2 m. It is divided into 8 lanes. Special medical department regularly maintains and monitors air and water temperature in the swimming pool. Comfortable locker and shower rooms kept in hygienic condition throughout working hours are available to the visitors. For the visitors’ convenience, the swimming pool works every day except Sunday, from 07:00 to 22:00.

The University provides family membership, special offers for children and the retired, students and personnel discounts.

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