Academy of Foreign Languages: from English to Japanese

Our functions are as follows:

  • Teaching different categories of trainees foreign languages;
  • Delivering seminars for school teachers on new technologies of foreign languages teaching;
  • Developing the contingent of future students of ASU Faculty of Foreign Languages: a prolonged test of regional high schools students;
  • Arranging contests for students of secondary and primary schools;
  • Interviewing and consultancy;
  • Assisting the university students in drafting their research papers;
  • Involving the university students in pedagogical and linguistic training programs.
Vokhromeeva, Ekaterina Vladimirovna
Address: Room #27, 11 Akhmatovskaya Street, Astrakhan 414000 Russia.

Phones: +7-8512-24-66-80 (internal numbers: 309, 438).

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