Center of Turkish Language

Our main tasks are as follows:

  • Promotion of the Turkish language and culture;
  • Development of educational, research, and cultural cooperation with Turkish universities;
  • Monitoring of Turkeys’ and Russia’s international activities towards each other;
  • Arrangement and supervision of cultural and educational programs between the two countries;
  • Organization of programs to promote the Russian language in turkey and the Turkish language in Russia;
  • Arrangement of joint exchange programs for students attending bachelor, master, or PhD courses;
  • Organization of our students’ practical training at Turkish universities, with which Astrakhan State University cooperates;
  • Attraction of new students wishing to study Turkish;
  • Researches in the field of the Turkish language and Russian-Turkish relations.

To meet its goals, the Center of Turkish Language performs the following activities:

  • Interacts with other units of ASU to promote the Turkish language and culture;
  • Arranges cultural events and programs for their participants to learn more about the Turkish language and culture;
  • Organizes evening courses of Turkish;
  • Establishes relations with other center of the Turkish language both in Russia and outside it;
  • Prepares agreements of cooperation with Turkish universities;
  • Invites Turkish native speakers (faculty and research staff of Turkish universities) to deliver classes of Turkish at Astrakhan State University;
  • Monitoring and promotion of information related to programs of language and research training in Turkey;
  • Participation in regional, national, and international contests and competitions in the Turkish language, literature, and culture;
  • Teaching Turkish students at Astrakhan State University.
  • We also cooperate with the Embassy of Turkey to the Russian Federation, with Sakarya University, with Culture University (Istanbul), and with international centers of the Turkish language.


Address: Room #34 and 36, 11 Akhmatovskaya Street, Astrakhan 414000 Russia.

Phone: +7-8512-24-66-71.

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