Our Hostels

Dear Prospective Students,

While you are studying at Astrakhan State University, we provide you with 1,621 seats at seven comfortable hostels.

Each hostel is divided into blocks. A block includes two rooms, a bathroom, and a lavatory; each room is for 2 to 3 people. Your room has already been equipped with modern furniture and technical appliances, which will help organize your comfortable accommodation and studies! The Internet and Wi-Fi are not a problem at all – you can access a high-speed network at our hostels.

Why not swim or visit a gym after classes? It is possible! We will provide you with all the facilities: sports sites, gym apparatus halls, and a swimming pool. You can attend trainings in aqua aerobics, rugby, swimming, fitness, pilates, volleyball, football.

As for issues that relate to your everyday accommodation and administration of our hostels, you can solve them together with your roommates and groupmates. Living in our hostels, you will have a real chance to become a competent leader and a smart organizer; you may try yourself as a socially active person. To help you become a leader, we have arranged two forms of students’ self-administration:

Our Students’ Hostel Council;

  • Supervisors on each floor; they tackle accommodation issues with the University Administration.
  • Our prices will please you, which is essential for any student. The accommodation fee is determined by the legislation of the Russian Federation; it is much lower than a rent charge for a flat in Astrakhan.

We are waiting for YOU! Any questions? Just call or write us: +7-8512-24-64-43, uvr_stud@asu.edu.ru

Phones of Admission Commission of ASU: +7-8512-24-64-07

E-mail: metodika@asu.edu.ru

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