Acting Rector’s Address

Dear entrants, students, colleagues,

For more than 90 years, Astrakhan State University has undergone many changes: it has been renamed for several times, restructured, and improved. It has enabled us to achieve the present success. At the moment, ASU is the largest educational center in southern region. The university participates in Priority 2030 federal program.

We train highly qualified specialists who build their careers not only in Russian companies, but in foreign ones as well. ASU graduates are much sought-after specialists and occupy well-deserved positions in organizations of various fields and business areas.

ASU is a multifunctional educational complex. Modern infrastructure with renovated buildings, multimedia classrooms, fully equipped laboratories, and comfortable food services areas provides the best terms for studying and being in the university. There is also a swimming pool, fitness center, and hotel complex for students’ accommodation. Astrakhan Tatishchev State University has created conditions for differently abled students.

Training in-demand specialists is the university priority. Practice-oriented approach makes it possible to graduate specialists who have learnt theory and already applied it practically. Partnership with many major companies ensures that the students complete traineeships during studying.

Multilevel educational system, variety of educational programs, majors and specialties guarantees students’ diversified training.

Astrakhan Tatishchev State University provides all the required conditions for the youth science development. Tekhnopark, laboratories, scientific centers and other ASU structural units constitute the basis for it. The scientists’ active work has allowed the university to become an innovative research center and to continue its development in this field.

The university focuses strongly on international activity. Exchange programs, academic mobility programs for the staff and students, joint projects point out the relevance and effectiveness of cooperation with other countries.

ASU students’ activity is very dynamic. The students may join clubs or students’ unions; show their creative, athletic and other skills thus fulfilling their potential. Educational and research accomplishments, interesting trips and fascinating leisure activities are the part of ASU students’ life.

I am glad to welcome all concerned: teachers, personnel, students and business partners. Let us continue to work for the common good!

Acting Rector, Astrakhan Tatishchev State University I. Alekseev


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