Socialization Council

In early 2013, a cycle of CDIO student projects was launched. It included the Festival of Student Theaters, Podium, Student Sports Clubs, etc. Our students handle those projects themselves.

What Is CDIO?

The abbreviation “CDIO” means “Conceive – Design – Implement – Operate”; it names the four main stage of a process to create and introduce an intellectual product. The ideology of CDIO is simple: during their studies, students must obtain not just a set of theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills in the field of personal communication, involvement in professional activities, development of their creative abilities, and creation and control of products and systems.

It means that socialization is not just creativity; it is also realization of one’s ideas, social mobility, and, of course, formation of a sound student community.

Now 18 reps of all our Faculties are members of our Socialization Council. Over 1, 000 students become participants of our projects every year. Anyone can join our activities; the main thing is to wish and not fear! You are always welcome!

Address: 20a Tatischev Str., Astrakhan 414056 Russia.
Phone: +7-8512-24-66-19.

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