Center of Geoinformation Systems

Chief & Research Supervisor of Center – Alexey Lvovich SALNIKOV, D.Sc. in Biology, Associate Professor

The Center of Geoinformation Systems was established as per the Order by ASU’s Rector at #08-01-01/825 of December 30, 2011 at Astrakhan State University.

Our official address:

20a Tatischev Str.,

Astrakhan 414056 Russia

1. The main directions of our activities concern scientific researches by applying up-to-date technologies in the field of GIS and modeling, introduction of obtained results and innovative developments into the academic process.

2. Our goals and tasks are as follows:

2.1. To provide organization of researches at the modern level; rendering services (development of maximal permissible loads and keeping all the types of cadastres for regional municipalities; assessment of an areal tourism potential; monitoring ecological systems and tourism activities; control of agricultural land management; monitoring of crop rotation at rented lands; monitoring of activities performed by various services (transportation, fire prevention, education, healthcare, social welfare, etc.); monitoring of pyrogenic factors; analysis of consequences of emergency situations; explanation of protective measures to prevent floods);

2.2. To increase the equipment utilization intensity;

2.3. To develop models and the main principles of constructing interactive creative environments in order to undertake researches in the field of ICT, biotechnologies, and nanotechnologies;

2.4. To implement our strategic development program.

3. Our research activities include technologies of information, control, and navigation systems.

4. The range of services that our Center renders includes:

4.1. Composition of GIS systems and development of areal development strategy for Astrakhan Region’s municipalities;

4.2. Development of Astrakhan Region’s map, creation of a system frame to be applied in GLONASS and GPS navigators;

4.3. Creation of a reference analytical system of tourism recreational resources;

4.4. Application of our facilities to teach a number of disciplines related to GIS technologies and navigation systems, as well as to undertake scientific and engineering projects;

4.5. Organization of retraining courses to apply modern space satellite and GIS technologies.

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