UNESCO Chair "The Learning Society and Human Sustainable Development"

The UNESCO Chair "The Learning Society and Human Sustainable Development" was opened at Astrakhan State University as part of the UNITWIN/UNESCO program, after the appropriate agreement between the United Nations and ASU had been signed on Dec. 09, 2004.

The Chair performs its activities as a structural division of ASU, in close cooperation with the appropriate units of the UNESCO Secretariat, the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO, and the Coordination Committee of UNESCO Chairs.

Over the past years, the UNESCO Chair of ASU has become a regional center that contributes to development of innovative programs and projects aiming to implement the UNESCO's ideas and mission.

Interacting with social, economic, public, cultural, and educational organizations and institutions at the regional and international level, the UNESCO Chair of Astrakhan State University performs its activities in the following key fields:

  • Enhancement of the role that universities of countries located at the Caspian Sea play in resolving the issues of sustainable development of the Caspian Littoral Region;
  • Development of the learning society based on social partnership in the Caspian Littoral Region;
  • Development of intercultural communications in this region;
  • Activation of an integrated system of research, education, information, and documentation in various fields of scientific knowledge;
  • Development and implementation of information and telecommunication technologies to optimize cultural, educational, social, and economic processes in this region;
  • Establishment of systematic international cooperation and development of international relations between universities and other organizations;
  • Organization of regular complex support of young researchers, faculty staff members, and students to attract young people to educational and research activities.

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