Automated Information System to Sell Research Electronic Collections in Internet

Automated Module of Text Analysis of Test Material Characteristics

Automated System "Calculation of Traffic Flow Intensity"

Automated System to Process Information & Control "Keeping & Controlling University’s Financial Assets"

Automated Testing System for Distance Studies Based on Adaptive Control Algorithms of "AST_DO"

Autonomous Centrifugal Flow-Type Separator for Oil Products & Sewage Water

Autonomous Centrifugal Flow-Type Separator for Oil Slime

Consumer Demand Development Information Model

Control Systems Imitating Model with Cyclic Discipline of Service Blocks Passing

Crossbar Shunt-Tuning Switch

Cucumber "Garant" (“Guarantor”)

Database “Lichens of Astrakhan Region”

Database “Road Infrastructure "DeSiZ"”

Database of Ray Fungi in Russia’s Arid Zone "ACTIONBASE"

Decision-Making Support Automated System to Optimize Processes of Consumers’ Mass Service in Service Organizations Based on Mathematical Apparatus of Queues Theory & Graph Theory

Demonstration Complex "Dynamic Types of Data"

Digit Ranking Device

Electrokinetic Converter

Electrokinetic Pressure Sensor on MIS Transistor

Electronic Academic Manual "Discrete Mathematics"

Electronic Academic Manual "English for the Students of Geology"

Electronic Academic Methodical Manual "German Language"

Electronic Academic Textbook "Age Anatomy, Physiology, & Hygiene"

Electronic Academic Textbook "Calculus Mathematics"

Electronic Academic Textbook "Complex Analysis & Operational Calculus"

Electronic Academic Textbook "Lectures in Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations"

Electronic Academic Textbook "Legal Support of Information Security"

Electronic Academic Textbook "Mathematical Analysis"

Electronic Academic Textbook "Mathematical Logics & Theory of Algorithms"

Electronic Academic Textbook "Metrology, Standardization, & Certification"

Electronic Academic Textbook "Probability Theory & Mathematical Statistics"

Electronic Academic Textbook "Sociology"

Electronic Atlas "Mitosis Pathology Due to Contact between Vegetative Cells and Water of Volga River’s Delta Polluted with Genotoxicants"

Electronic Manual "Analysis of Data by Applying Median Tests"

Home Museum of Velimir Khlebnikov

Information Services Automated System for University Students & Staff in Internet

Integrated Information System to Forecast Capacity of Urban Transport Network

Interactive Demonstrating System "Virtual Excursion"

Internet Automated Information System "HR Recording"

Knowledge Base "Quality Tools"

Main Rates of Soils in Volga River’s Delta

Mobile Automated Workstation of University Top Manager

Multimedia Program "Electronic Educational & Methodical Manual in Discipline "Theory of Information & Encoding"

Multimedia Program "Historic Astrakhan: River & Pedestrian Excursions in Ancient Astrakhan"

Professional Reference Manual to Search Malfunctions & Repair Monitors

Program to Model Impact of Degree of Ordering in Cation Sublattice upon Magnetic Properties of Sr2FeMoO6 by Applying Ising & Heisenberg Models

Record of Value of Intellectual Property Objects with Cost-Based Method

Reference Manual in MATHCAD

System for Automated Control & Analysis of Pre-Jam Situations of Traffic Flows

Tomato "Torpeda" (“Torpedo”)

Virtual Laboratory of Complex Systems

Virtual Laboratory Workshop "Research of Impact of Physical Parameters of Magnetooptical Units Based on Faraday & Kerr Effects upon Their Information & Metrological Characteristics"

Virtual Workshop in General Physics "Calculation of Temperature Dependencies of Main Parameters of Monocrystalline Garnet-Type Ferrite Films"

Wave Power Unit

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