Ethno Space The neighbors

The project Ethno Space The neighbors is socially important and has been developed especially for schoolchildren so that they can get acquainted with special features and traditions of the neighboring nationalities, feel their friendliness and hospitality.

Ethno Space segments are devoted to the main nationalities represented in the Astrakhan Region. Within 1.5 hours, the visitors may see all the Ethno Space segments and an immersive show involving actors and scenic elements. The guests will have an opportunity to delve into the atmosphere and culture of various nationalities, to visit Tatar, Kalmyk, Russian, Kazakh and Azerbaijani homes, to learn new information about the ethnic groups, to play national games, to take part in ancient rituals, to taste ethnic foods and to learn their recipes. The show combines the advantages of watching theater performances and visiting museums.

Ethno Space The neighbors is available for everyone after registration through the relevant link at the website

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