Green Chemistry Research & Educational Center

The Green Chemistry Research & Educational Center was established as per Order #08-01-01/417 of June 09, 2010 at Astrakhan State University on the base of the Chair of Organic, Inorganic, & Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

Our mission is training competitive specialists with modern knowledge and experience to implement innovations in the sphere of the chemical science and education.

Our goals and tasks:

– undertaking scientific research, as well as providing services (application of environmentally friendly methods to obtain oil, water, alcohol, and water alcohol extracts from vegetative and mineral raw materials; research of the qualitative and quantitative composition of biologically active substance that those extracts include; complex research of biological activity of extracts);

– undertaking scientific research in the following themes: “Application of Supercritical Fluid Technologies in Green Chemistry”; “Obtainment & Research of Properties of New Materials Based on Nitrogen Heterocyclic Medicinal Compounds & Semiproducts”; their integration into educational and innovative activities of Astrakhan State University;

– provision of efficient operation of our research equipment;

– participation in training future specialists (bachelors, masters, and PhDs) by applying our research equipment.

Our structure: in accordance with Order #08-01-01/50 of Jan. 26, 2016, our Green Chemistry Research & Educational Center includes the Innovative Technological Center “Biotechnologies to Obtain Original Pharmaceutical Substance”.

Our material base includes modern equipment to conduct research:

– supercritical extractor SFE-500M1-2-FMC50 (manufactured by THAR (USA));

– supercritical chromatograph Prep Investigator (manufactured by THAR (USA));

– highly efficient liquid chromatograph UltiMate 3000 (manufactured by Dionex (Germany));

– IR Fourier spectrophotometer ФТ-02;

– steam distillation equipment;

– vacuum evaporation equipment and other auxiliary hardware.

Our educational activities include: operation as a base to cover educational, chemical technological, production, and research training programs; operation as a site to host scientific and applied research conferences and seminars in topical issues of Chemistry, execute research projects as a part of the CDIO Initiative and prepare diploma papers by our students specializing in Chemistry.

Types of services that our Center provides:

– preparation of extracts of biologically active substance of vegetative and animal origin;

– preparation of extracts from mineral raw materials to obtain pharmaceutical substance;

– quantitative analysis of components of extracts of vegetative and mineral raw materials;

– research of antimicrobial and antifungal activity of extracts of vegetative raw materials;

– research of nootropic and sedative activity of extracts of vegetative raw materials;

– isolation of essential and other oils from vegetative raw materials;

– research of immunomodulatory activity of extracts of vegetative raw materials;

– phytochemical analysis of vegetative raw materials (humidity, ash content, quantitative determination of vitamins, amino and organic acids);

– determination of the technical constants of fats (the saponification number, the acid number, the iodine number, the peroxide number, the ester number).

Our partners:

– N.D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow);

– Institute of Fundamental Problems of Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Pushchino, Moscow Region);

– Astrakhan State Medical University;

– North-Caucasus Federal University;

– Saratov State University;

– Volgograd State Medical University;

– Leprosy Research Institute (Astrakhan);

– Vulkan Research & Production Enterprise (Astrakhan);

– National Research Institute of Vegetable Farming & Melon Cultivation (Kamyzyak, Astrakhan Region);

– Tinaki Federal Institution of Health Rehabilitation (Astrakhan);

– Chairs of the Biological and Agrarian Department of Astrakhan State University.

А.Г. Тырков

D.Sc. in Chemistry, Full Professor – Chief of Center


Address: 2 Sovetskaya Str., pos. Nachalo, Privolzhskiy District, Astrakhan Region 416456 Russia.


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