2020 Scientific Events



Applied Scientific Workshop "Physical  & Physico-Chemical Research in Chemistry"

January 17

International Scientific Forum "Caspian Region in the 21st Century: Paths of Sustainable Development"

February 19-20

4th Spring Readings in Pedagogics & Psychology in Commemoration of Antonina Vasilyevna Burova, Honored Professor of Astrakhan State University

April 19

11th International Applied Scientific Conference "Regional Specifics & Russian Experience of Business and Economy Development"

April 23

International Applied Scientific Conference "Topical Trends of Humanitarian Research in the Modern World"

April 23

3rd National Applied Scientific Conference of Young Researchers "Topical Issues of Modern Journalism & Media Communications"

April 24-25

5th Festival  of Student Science "Sciences of the Future"

May 19-22

12th International Applied Scientific Conference "Tourism & Recreation: Innovations & GIS Technologies"

May 22-23

14th International Applied Scientific Conference "Fundamental & Applied Issues of Obtainment of New Materials: Researches, Innovations, and Technologies"

May 26-28

3rd International Scientific Conference "Educational Environment: Theory & Practice"

May 28

2nd National Applied Scientific Conference with International Participation "Modern Vectors of Social Sustainable Development: Role of Chemistry, Related Sciences, & Education"

May 28

Applied Scientific Conference "Topical Issues of Russia and the World"

June 08

5th International Applied Scientific Conference "Pedagogical Science & Education in Dialogue with Time" in Commemoration of Professor Valeriy Alexandrovich Pyatin

June 16

Scientific Conference "Energy Efficiency. Cenology. Ecology & Energy Safety"

September 16-19

2nd National Applied Scientific Conference "Topical  Research of Visceral Systems in Biology and Medicine"

November 11-12

2nd International Scientific Technical Conference "Urgent Issues of Application of Data Analysis & Artificial Intelligence Technologies"

November 16-18

11th International Applied Scientific Conference "Urgent Issues of Science, Production and Education in Chemistry"

November 16-18

2nd International Applied Scientific Conference of Young Researchers "Media Space of Caspian Region: Development Tendencies & Prospects"

November 20-21

International Scientific Conference: Astrakhan Readings: "Historical  Truth & Memory about the Great Patriotic  War"

November 27

Applied Scientific Conference "Science & Art Development Prospects"

December 01

International Applied Scientific Online Conference " Biological  Diversity, Rational Application of Biological Resources & Biotechnology"

December 08

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