2019 Scientific Events



3rd National Applied Scientific Conference with International Participation "Traveling to World of Projects"

February 08

Applied Scientific Workshop "Project as a Form of Students’ Curricular & Extracurricular Activities during Implementation of Federal State Educational Standards"

February 08

International Applied Scientific Conference "Modern Researches in Earth-Related Sciences: Retrospective, Topical Trends, and Prospects of Implementation"

February 20-21

International Applied Scientific Conference "Contents-Related & Process-Related Aspects of Modern Education"

February 27

Open Regional Competition of Innovative Practices "Viable Regional Practices"

by March 01

International Applied Scientific Conference "Issues of Regional Ecology, Economy, and Geography"

March 01-02

12th National Applied Scientific Conference "Geographical Sciences & Education"

March 25

1st National Applied Scientific Conference with International Participation "Modern Vectors of Social Sustainable Development: Role of Chemistry & Education"

March 27

Spring Regional Applied Scientific Workshop of Astrakhan Regional School Geographical Society & Geographical Quest Festival

March 29

National Online Competition of Research Papers "Media Search"

April 01 – May 15

2nd National Applied Scientific Conference "Increasing Efficiency of Research Activities in Russia's Defense Industry"

April 11-12

Competition in Psychology


3rd Spring Readings in Pedagogics & Psychology in Commemoration of Antonina Vasilyevna Burova, Honored Professor of Astrakhan State University

April 19

10th International Applied Scientific Conference "Regional Specifics & Russian Experience of Business and Economy Development"

April 19

Competitions in Practical Information Security "ASU-CTF 2019"

April 20

13th International Applied Scientific Conference "Fundamental & Applied Issues of Obtainment of New Materials: Researches, Innovations, and Technologies"

April 23-26

Applied Scientific Workshop "Findings of Theoretical & Practical Research: Forms & Ways to Present"

April 25

Scientific Conference "Searches for Genre & Style in Artistic Literature"

April 25

International Applied Scientific Conference "Education in Digital Epoch: Issues & Prospects"

April 25-26

15th National Scientific Conference "Crossroads of History. Topical Issues of Historical Science"

April 26

Interuniversity Scientific Conference "Phenomenon of Human: from Classical to Digital Era"

April 26

6th International Distance Scientific Conference "Modern Issues of Philology & Technique of Foreign Languages Teaching"

April 30

Cycle of Applied Scientific Workshops "Astrakhan for Tourists"

May 06

International Applied Scientific Conference "Floodplain & Delta Biocenoses of Holarctic Region: Biological Diversity, Ecology, and Evolution"

May 13-18

International Applied Scientific Conference "Conflict of Nature Consumption: Role of Evolution in Noosphere"

May 15-16

2nd International Scientific Conference "Educational Environment: Theory & Practice"

May 16

International Applied Scientific Conference "Tasks of Legal Education in the Context of Digital Revolution"

May 17-18

Applied Scientific Conference "Role of Humanitarian Ecological Education at the Current Stage of Social Development"

May 21

Applied Scientific Conference for Students "World's & Russia's Economic Issues at the Turn of Centuries (in English)"

May 21

11th International Applied Scientific Conference "Tourism & Recreation: Innovations & GIS Technologies"

May 24-25

Applied Scientific Workshop "Physico-Chemical Research in Modern Chemistry"

June 04-05

4th International Applied Scientific Conference "Pedagogical Science & Education in Dialogue with Time" in Commemoration of Professor Valeriy Alexandrovich Pyatin

June 18

International Applied Scientific Conference "Modern Science: Prospects, Achievements, and Innovations"

June 21-22

Student Summer Scientific School "Monitoring of Delta Ecosystems"

August 16-22

13th International Khlebnikov Readings "Velimir Khlebnikov & World Artistic Culture"

September 05-07

1st International Applied Scientific Conference "Modern Management Technologies under Conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Experience of Implementation, Issues, and Prospects"

September 24-25

National Applied Scientific Conference "Prospects & Opportunities of Application of ICT in Science, Education, and Administration"

September 24-27

Regional Autumn Geographical Quest Festival

November 01

International Distance Applied Scientific Conference of Young Researchers "Media Space of Caspian Region: Development Tendencies & Prospects"

November 01

Applied Scientific Workshop "Physical  & Physico-Chemical Research in Modern Chemistry"

November 06-08

10th National Applied Scientific Conference with International Participation "Topical Issues of Science, Production, and Education in Chemistry"

November 12-14

Applied Scientific Workshop "Handling Conflicts at an Educational Institution: Resolution Strategies & Tools"

November 16

7th Applied Scientific Conference of Students & Young Researchers "Topical Issues of Chemistry & Education"

November 20

3rd National Applied Scientific Conference "Modern Technologies of Education: New Challenges & Prospects"

November 22

National Applied Scientific Conference with Distance Participation "Issues of Present-Day Social Cultural Research"

November 28

Applied Scientific Workshop "Ecological  & Chemical Control of Environmental Objects"

December 12

6th National Applied Scientific Conference "Main Issues of Pedagogics, Psychology, Linguistics, and Teaching Technique at Educational Institutions"

December 27

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