Certificates for Computer Programs

Program to Control Air Consumption for Burning in a Boiler in Order to Minimize “the Total Damage of Blowouts” from the Boiler into the Air

Program to Model the Dynamics of Colloid Particles in a Drop Evaporating on a Hydrophilic Substrate

European Union Appendix to Diploma of Education

Timetable of Classes for Full-Time Students of Astrakhan State University

Registration of Potential Prospective Students of Astrakhan State University

Calculation of Technological Parameters for Friction Welding with Mixing Heterogeneous Butt Joints

Certificates for Databases

Features of Earth’s Geological History in Paleozoic Era

Keeping Records of Chemical Reagents & Laboratory Vessels

Patents for Inventions

Technique to Prepare the Surface of End-Faces of Heterogeneous Joints for Friction Welding with Mixing


Melon "Alexandra"

Gas Stations in the City of Astrakhan

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