Certificates for Computer Programs

Electronic Educational & Methodical Manual "System of Professionally Oriented Assignments in Physics to Develop Skills to Perform Project Construction & Technological Activities

Program to Determine Geometric Skeleton of Percolation Cluster

DLP System Applying Algorithms of Traffic In-Depth Analysis

Information System for Clients' Data Bookkeeping at Tourism Agency


Electronic Application "Curvilinear Integrals"

Timetable of Classes for Distance Students


Information Analytical System to Monitor Heat Supply Automated Systems

Current State of Pastures in Volga River Delta & Actions Aiming to Restore Them

Dictionary of Russian & English Substandard Vocabulary (Jargon, Argot, Slang). Zoonyms

Program to Model Electric Properties of 2D Composite Materials with Rod-Shaped Filler Particles

Assessment of Forage Value of Wild Plant in Volga River’s Delta Considering with Consumption by Animals

Parallel Program to Compute Geometric Skeleton of Percolation Cluster by Applying MPI

Information System to Develop Academic & Methodical Documents of Higher Educational Programs

Printing of Certificates of Professional Retraining

Program to Implement Algorithm of Modeling of Process of Transmission of Acoustic Monofrequency Signal to Hydrobionts

Program to Control System of Interaction between Physicians & Patients at Medical Rehabilitation Facility

Virtual Lab Workshop “Studying ALU”

Certificates for Databases

Electronic Illustrated Catalogue of Russian Locative Nouns on YARUS Research & Educational Portal of Russian Language

General Knowledge of Planet Earth & Processes of External and Internal Dynamics

Determination of Amino Acid, Vitamin, & Macroelement Structure of Products of Vegetative Origin

Qualitative & Quantitative Determination of Nicotinic Acid within System "2-Aminophenol – Nicotinic Acid – TI(IV)"

Impact of Oil Pollution upon Agricultural Crops Development

Types of Formulation for Frostproof Rubber

Geology of Russia. Ancient East European Platform

Spectra of Specimens of Some Rocks of Astrakhan Region

Assessment of Vegetation Trends in the North of Caspian Sea Region by Means of Earth Remote Sensing over 2001-2016

Characteristics of Cyclodextrins: Structure, Properties, and Research

Reference Cartographic System “Astrakhan Region’s Monuments of History & Culture in Commemoration of Victory in 1941 – 1945 Great Patriotic War”

Sulfamethoxazole & Other Sulfanilamides: Structure, Properties, Modeling

Geology of Russia. Scythian Plate

Morphological Image of Blood Serum at Chronical Infection Diseases

Meteorological Indicators & Trends According to Astrakhan Center for Hydrometeorology & Environmental Monitoring

Patents for Inventions

Technique to Guide Vessels in Shallow Water

Means to Form Team Psychophysiological Unity

Technique to Determine M-Cholinoreactivity of Erythrocytes

Frontal Sprinkling Unit

Technique to Obtain Extractive Stuff from Lophanthus Anisatus

Acid Corrosion Inhibitor

Useful Model Patents

Multifunctional Apparatus Applying Rubber Tourniquets

Electronic Polarimeter with Embedded Set of Light Filters & Programmable Microcontroller to Determine Quality of Honey

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