Certificates for Computer Programs

Assessment of Current Level of Information Properties Provision

Computer Model of Atmospheric Cloudiness Altitude Dynamics

Computer Model of Temperature Distribution in Metal for Friction Welding with Mixing in Homogeneous Metals

Computer Program “Living Cells Cultivation Conditions”

Criteria of Vegetation Sustainability under Anthropogenic Impact

Data Batch Processing Program from ADC of Magnetic Field Sensor

Ecological Botanic Characteristic & Cultivation Technology of Nelumbo Caspica in Astrakhan Region

Electronic Academic & Methodical Manual “Organization of Physical Knowledge Application Stage”

Forecasting of Technological Parameters for Friction Welding with Mixing Bimetallic Joints

Fuzzy Cognitive Model to Assess Quality of Information System

Information System “Registration of Classes that Failed to Take Place”

Information System for Bookkeeping of Services Provided by Tourism Company

Mobile application “First Years of a Kid’s Life”

Noxious Plants Polluting Livestock’s Wool and Growing in Astrakhan Region’s Meadows & Pastures

Program for Asymmetric Distribution of Student in R Environment

Program to Calculate Bayes Estimates of Pair Copula Parameters in R Environment

Program to Calculate Mass Transfer in Evaporating Colloidal Liquids of Micrometer & Millimeter Dimensions on Solid Surface or in Cylindrical Cell

Program to Identify Vehicles Arriving at Parking Lot

Program to Model Process of Information Impact upon Staff

Program to Operate Database for Information Support of Rehabilitation, Prophylaxis, & Diagnostics of Patients by Applying Verticalization Equipment

Program to Recognize Contours & Determine Reference Points and Rotation Angle of Blanks for Two-Way Machines

Program to Recover Lost Key Information

Program to Support Intelligent Project Control, Considering with Resource Limits, Risks, & Quality of Work

Risk Level Assessment Based on Expert Information

Virtual Manual to Study Discipline “Computer Hardware”

Certificates for Databases

Bacillus Megaterium Q57-31 Strain with Phytostimulating & Fungicide Properties

Database on Technique to Adapt Educational Processes for Students with Special Health Needs

Databases of Testing Materials in Scientific Style of English Language

Deciles of Zootechnical Rates of Laying Hens’ Industrial Application

Detection of Pyridoxine with Reaction Applying FE (II) & Bromphenol Blue

From Mono-Confessional Areas to Multi-Confessional Ones: Religious Sights for Tourists & Travelers to See When Traveling by River Boats from Tver to Astrakhan (Later 19th – Early 20th Century)

Memorials & Specially Guarded Areas of Republic of Kalmykia

Practical Workshop in Russia’s Physical Geography (Nomenclature)

Reforms of Electoral Systems in Various Countries since Middle 20th Century

Resort Recreational Zone of Mineral Waters Region in Caucasus

Specific Structural Dynamics of Regional Parliaments

Triazole Compounds with Herbicide Activity

Patents for Inventions

Hydrazones of Nitrotetrazole-5-Carbaldehyde with Antimicrobial Activity

Means to Obtain 5-Hetaryl-Methylene-Pyrimidine-2,4,6-Trions

Metoclopramidum Quantitative Detection Technique

Multispan Circular Motion Sprinkling Machine

Obtainment Technique & Fatty-Acid Composition of Oil of Gossipium Hirsutum Seeds

Obtainment Technique & Fatty-Acid Composition of Oil of Morus Nigra Seeds

Presowing Tilling Combined Tool

Robotized Trainer for People with Locomotorium Disorders

Soil Transportation Vessel for Dredging

Sowing Machine Section

Technique to Test Physiological State of Sturgeon Fish

Patents for Utility Models

Cleaning of Grain Crops Harvesting Combine

Mobile, Folding, & Mirror Surface as a Roll Construction for Indoor Sports Training

Selective-Action Distance Acoustic Concentrator of Hydrobionts

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