Agrochemical Workshop

Analysis & Visualization of Average Concentrations of Nitrogen & Sulfur-Containing Substance in Surface Layer of Atmospheric Air in Sanitary Protection Zone of Astrakhan Gas Processing Plant

Anthropogenic Impact upon Vegetation of Phytocenoses & Agrophytocenoses of Volga River’s Delta

Anthropogenic Transformation of Vegetation in Grassland of Volga River’s Delta Due to Cattle Pasturing

Antimicrobial Activity of Essential Oil from Seeds of Robinia Pseudoacacia

Automated System to Support Conceptual Projection of Elements of Control Systems, with Embedded Subsystem of Distributed Expert Analysis of Made Decisions

Automated System to Support Conceptual Projection of Physical Principle of Action of Elements of Control Systems Based on Reverse Synthesis

Automatic Information System "SWOT-Analysis". Strategies Formation Subsystem

Biological Preparations to Protect Vegetable Crops from Diseases & Pests

Calculation of Electric Conductivity of Random Resistance Grating

Chalcones with Carbamate Function

Comparative Characteristics of Composition of Essential Oil of Representatives of Genus Lycopus L.

Computer Program “Academic Program in Physics”

Computer Program “Calendar of Most Important Events at Astrakhan State University”

Computer Program “Ecological Expertise”

Computer Program “Global Ecology”

Computer Program “Laboratory Session”

Computer Program “Russian Language for Primary School”

Computer Program “Supervision of Hospital Wards”

Computer Program “World’s Oil & Gas Basins”

Concentration of Biologically Active Compounds in Surface Part of Mentha Arvensis L.

Contact-Surface Water Heater

Course Optimization System & Its User-Friendly Adaptation

Cucurbitaceous Crops Seeds Calibrator

Cultural Memory of Astrakhan Land – Biographical Compendium

Cyanobacteriae of Anthropogenic Water Bodies in Caspian Basin

Database “Level of Living Wage in Southern Russia, Northern Caucasus, & Volga Regions”

Database “Navigation in Astrakhan Region”

Database “Recreational Facilities of Astrakhan Region”

Database “Religious Objects of Astrakhan Region”

Database “Toxic Flora of Astrakhan Region”

Database of Morphological Matrices of Physical & Technical Effects of Electromagnetic Nature to Execute Morphological Synthesis by Differentiating Their Constructive Features

Derivatives of Coumarin, Dihydrocoumarin, Chromene, & Chromenilium Salt with Carbamate Function: Synthesis Techniques & Physico-Chemical Parameters

Derivatives of Pyrazole with Carbamate Function

Determination of Jamming Threshold at Anisotropic Random Consecutive Adsorption of Particles

Device for Operational Control of Excess of Maximum Permissible Concentrations of Automobile Fuel Combustion Products in Atmosphere

Device to Support Vessel Afloat in Emergency Situation

Dictionary in Engineering Biology

Drowned Vessel Hoisting System

Ecological Aspects of Activities by Power Facility

Ecological Monitoring of Water Bodies in Astrakhan City

Ecological Passports of Astrakhan Region’s Salt Lakes

Electronic Educational & Methodical Manual "how to Develop a Technical Device?"

Electronic Educational & Methodical Manual "Impact of Fires upon Flora of Volga’s Delta & Their Assessment Methods"

Electronic Educational & Methodical Manual "Organization of Students’ Cognitive Activities to Learn Physical Knowledge"

Experimental Research of Sorption of Piroxicam on Coal Sorbent

Fishery in Volga-Akhtuba & West Steppe – Ilmen Floodplain

Flat Cutter & Deep Ripper Fertilizer

Geochemical Structure & Properties of Natural Resources in Caspian Sea’s Water Area

Hotel Booking System

Hydraulic Heat-Generator

Hygienic Agent from Sweat & Feet Smell & Method to Apply It

Information & Control System to Monitor & Analyze Information on Employment of Alumni of Astrakhan State University "Student+"

Information System to Identify State of Water Ecosystem Depending on Impact of Heavy Metals

Information System to Register Archaeological Monuments (Archaeological Atlas)

Interactive Internet Service " Online Tests in Morphology (Noun, Pronoun) on Research & Educational Portal of Russian Language “Yarus”

Interactive Internet Service "Online Games "Cryptograms with Linguistic Terms"

Interactive Internet Service "Online Tests in Morphology (Verb) on Research & Educational Portal of Russian Language “Yarus”

Journal Internet System to Import & Export Research Articles

Level Signaling Device

Method of Industrial Growing of Crustaceans’ Seeding

Method to Cultivate Nelumbo Nucifera in Containers

Method to Determine Ability of Staphylococcus Aureus to Persistence

Method to Determine Concentration of Heavy Fractions of Hydrocarbons in Motor Oil & Fuel by Means of Chemical Sensor

Method to Forecast Development of Excessive Bacterial Growth in Patients’ Bowels after Cholecystectomy

Method to Forecast Formation Postcholecystectomy Syndrome

Method to Obtain Essential Oil from Seeds of Robinia Pseudoacacia & Its Composition

Method to Obtain Hydrazones of Nitro-1,2,3-Triazole-4-Yl Carbaldehyde

Method to Obtain Immunotropic Agent as Base for Immunoflan Preparation

Method to Reduce Pressure of Natural Gas

Ontology of Power Information Model of Circuits for Expert

Pharmacological Assessment of Medicinal Properties of Urtica Dioica

Planting Attachment for Precise Dotted Sowing of Seeds of Grain Crops

Planting Machine of Rhizomes Phragmites Australis

Processing of Results of Experimental Measurements

Reactions of 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition to Synthesize Heterocyclic Compounds

Research of M-Cresolphtalexon S as Reagent to Teonikol Medicinal Preparation

Research of Vitamin A & Carotenoids in Biological Objects

Schiff Bases with Carbamate Function

Section of Seeding Machine for Dotted Cluster Sowing of Seeds of Cucurbitaceous Crops

Sun-And-Wind-Powered Air Heater

Switching Element for Parallel Switching Systems

Unit to Hoist Liquid from Well

Unit to Increase Biological Activity of Water

Variable-Speed Heat-Generator

Wind-Powered Heat-Generator

Wind-Powered Thermoelectric Air Conditioner

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