Automated Information Processing System "Monitoring of Number of Foreign Students at University"

Automated System to Process Information of Center of Career Planning "KDB8"

Automated System to Support Processes of Synthesis of Power Information Circuits by Including Source Effects

Automatic Coupler

Biological Preparations of Biogenic Origin Applied in Russia & in Germany

Biologically Active Substance in Althaea Officinalis

Carbonate Derivatives of Benzimidazole

Catalogue of Sorts & Hybrids of Cucurbitaceous, Forage, & Technical Crops Selected by National Research Institute of Vegetable Farming & Melon Cultivation

Characteristics of Ilmen Lakes in Western Ilmen-Knoll Area of Astrakhan Region

Chemical Structure & Properties of Essential Oil of Endemic & Introduced Plants of Astrakhan Region

Child Development Calendar during First Year of Life

Combine to Harvest Reed Mostly at Flat Areas

Complex Formation of Various Metals with Organic Reagents of Triphenylmethane Series – Phtalexones

Complex of Mobile Information Services in Culture & Arts

Computer Program “Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry”

Computer Program “Geography of Astrakhan”

Conflicts of Nature Management

Cotton AS-2

Cultured Milk Product "Ecoyogurtin" Based on Blended Milk, Containing Components of Vegetable Mixtures (Variants)

Database “Intellect Ontology”

Database “Sorption of Antibiotics”

Database “Sorption of Medicinal Preparations on Carbon Nanotubes”

Database “Toxic Fauna of Astrakhan Region”

Database “Typical Fields of Widely Spread Fossils in Astrakhan Region”

Database Engineering Geography

Database in Engineering Geography

Database on Adsorption of Antibiotics on Different Sorbents

Determination of Percolation Threshold

Device to Prevent Spill of Oil & Oil Products from Dangerous Underwater Oil Pipeline

Device to Set Wrecked Ship Afloat

Dictionary-Reference Manual in History of State & Law of Foreign Countries

Dictionary-Reference Manual of Main Terms & Notions in History of Political & Legal Doctrines

Diffusion of Cadmium Ions

Ecological Anthropogenic Factors of Volga-Akhtuba Floodplain

Ecological Characteristics of Soil Vegetative Cover of Volga River’s Delta

Ecological Problems of Rational Water Consumption in Urban Areas

Ecological Safety at Food Industry Enterprises & Safety of Produced Food Products

Electronic Educational & Methodical Manual "Supervision of Students’ Cognitive Activities to Research Physical Phenomena"

Electronic Educational & Methodical Manual "Tasks & Exercises to Learn Physical Knowledge in 7th Grade of Secondary School"

Electronic Methodical Manual "Medical Information Science. Part 1. Fundamentals of Medical Information Science. Abstract of Lectures"

Electronic Methodical Manual "Medical Information Science. Part 2. Information Technologies in Medicine. Abstract of Lectures"

Electronic Methodical Manual "Medical Resources of Internet"

Electronic Reference Manual on Pilotless Vehicles

Elevating Trap

Farming Sector of Astrakhan Region: Current State, Problems, & Solutions

Fish Pass Canals in Volga River’s Delta

Floras of Vascular Plants of Volga-Akhtuba Floodplain & Volga River’s Delta



Folk Artistic Crafts & Souvenirs in Astrakhan Region: Consumers’ Opinions

Food Product

Foreign Citizens’ Opinions of Tourism in Russia

Geological & Geophysical Methods to Survey Productive Sediments

Grinder of Phragmites Australis

Hazardous Natural Phenomena in Astrakhan Region

Hydroelectric Unit

Hydrometeorological Data on Astrakhan Region

Identification & Quantitative Estimation of Sulfanamide Preparations in Medicinal Forms

Information System "Physician"

Intellectual Asset Control

Interactive Product Based on Popular Science Materials in Physics "Time Arrow"

Interactive Technology for Group Studies of Etiquette Rules “Beau Monde”

LED Headlight

Lesson Gender Analysis Model

Lophanthus Natural Honey Containing Glycyrrhizic Acid

Main Technique to Determine Hydrochemical Values of Surface Water

Material Cultural Heritage of Astrakhan Region

Means to Model Chronic Fatigue Experimentally

Medicinal Preparation – Metal – Organic Reagent

Method of Cultured Milk Products Bioconservation with Composite Phytoextracts (Variants)

Method to Obtain 2(3n)-Benzotiazolones with Carbamate Function at C6

Method to Treat Skin Diseases by Applying Magnetic Films of Garnet-Type Ferrites

Mineral Waters of Astrakhan Region

Mixture to Obtain Magnetostrictive Ferrites with High Values of Magnetostriction Constant

Modern Political History of Caspian Littoral States

Mud Extract from Lake Lechebnoe to Enforce Antiinflammatory & Wound-Healing Effect

Multimedia Application "History of Astrakhan City’s Architecture"

North-Eastern Part of Volga-Akhtuba Floodplain: Natural Features & Application in Recreation

Password Manager "Passwords"

Physiologically Active Substance in Oil of Various Plants

Practical Aspects of Teaching Safe Vital Activities

Program for Online Laboratory in Applied Virtual Information Science Operating in Zero-Overshoot Response

Program to Arrange Test "Inclination to Divergent Behavior"

Program to Display Live Data Concerning Situation in Air during Tests of Complicated Technical Systems

Program to Process Data of Navigation System Concerning Trajectory Measurements in Telemetric Format

Program to Process Data of Tests of Trajectories of Highly Dynamic Air Objects

Program to Register Exchange Telecode Information between Complicated Technical Systems under Trial

Prototype of Automated System to Support Conceptual Projection of Elements of Control Systems, with Embedded Subsystem to Distributed Expert Analysis of Received Decisions

Red Book of Astrakhan Region’s Flora

Research of Aloe Juice

Research of Extraction Processes

Research of Process of Interaction between 1-[(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl)-methyl]-6,7-dimethoxyisoquinoline with Copper Ion

Software Package to Calculate Parameters in Channel with External Filtration to Transmit Optical Information to Insects

Software Package to Generate Context Recommendations of Books at University Library

Software Package to Model Nonlinear Systems

Software Package to Teach Physics to Students of Secondary School (Electricity & Magnetism")

Spectrophotometic Characteristics of Interaction between Organic Reagents with Vitamins in Presence of Particular Metals

Spiro Compounds with Carbamate Function

Structured Web System to Identify Regional Clusters with Elements of Social Network

Synthesis 1,2-oxazines with Carbamate Function

Synthesis of Indoles with Carbamate Function

System to Organize Internet Consultation Line, with Automated Classification of Queries

Table Game "Lodoka"

Technique of Educational Logistics for Children of Preschool & Primary School Age, Including Set of Lessons (Variants)

Technique to Apply Highly Efficient Ecological Substrate for Intense Growing of Mushrooms

Technique to Apply Rubber Tire Casings to Form Absorbing Filler for Animals

Technique to Assess Current Level of Corporate Management

Technique to Control Correct Taking of Medicines

Technique to Create Biodegradable Organic Material to Substitute Foamed Plastics


Tourism Routes of Bogdinsko-Baskunchakski Nature Reserve

Toxicant – Cell Structural Component – Antidote. Parameters of Interaction of Three-Substance System.

TOXICCALC (Calculation of Toxicity)

Types & Classification of Sedimentary Rocks

Unit to Hoist Drowned Object

Virtual Laboratory Workshop "Coulomb Law"

Virtual Laboratory Workshop "Research of Properties of Ferromagnetic Materials”

Wind Sensor

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