Academic Manual "Fundamentals of Algology"

Academic Manual "New Quality Management Tools"

Acid Corrosion Inhibitors

Analyzer of Information Leakage via Acoustic Channel Based on LabVIEW Development Package

Automated Calculation of Main Characteristics of Sorption

Automated Documentation System of Astrakhan Regional Antituberculous Dispensary"

Automated Information System "Energy Distribution. Calculation of Consumers’ Fees"

Automated Information System to Sell Research Electronic Collections in Internet

Automated Subsystem "Control of Financial Assets Related to University’s Paid Educational Activities"

Automated System of Database Update

Automated System of Food Products Quality Control

Automated System to Assess Quality of Electronic Academic Methodical Manuals

Automated System to Calculate Flat Membrane in in Micro & Macro Hardware

Automated System to Control Educational Process of Secondary Professional Educational Institution

Automated System to Keep Medical Reports

Automated System to Process Information "Formation of Diploma Appendix (AQUDIP)"

Automatic Calculation of Tutor’s Fees, Depending of Load Increase

Basic Functionality Add-In Module for Complex Information System “TB.Corporation”

Calculation of Fishery Selectivity & Intensity Rates by Applying Main Equations of Selectivity

Chemical Sensor to Detect Water in Motor Fuel

Combined Optic Fiber Pressure & Temperature Sensor

Complex System of Standardized Managerial Reports with Integrated Mechanism of Data Import & Processing

Database "Cosmetic Preparations Based on Nelumbo Nucifera"

Database "Educational Process Management Automated System at Secondary Professional Educational Institution"

Database "Microflora of Fish & Other Hydrobionts"

Database “Innovative Developments of Astrakhan State University”

Database “Review of Corrosion Inhibitors”

Database “Solar Power Stations”

Device to Demonstrate Process of Analogue Signal Conversion into Digital Code & Demonstrate Analogue Signal

Digits Heapsort Device

Educational & Methodical Manual "Mathematical Packages to Tackle Engineering Tasks"

Educational & Methodical Manual "Professional Fundamentals" (for Specialty “Engineering in Medical & Biological Practice"

Educational & Methodical Manual in General Physics (Section "Electricity & Magnetism")

Educational & Methodical Manual in Physics (Section "Electricity & Magnetism")

Educational Program in Physics for Students of Any Specialty

Electronic Academic Textbook "Computer Geometry & Graphics"

Electronic Academic Textbook "Computer Graphics"

Electronic Academic Textbook "Creation of News from A to Z"

Electronic Academic Textbook "Descriptive Geometry in AutoCAD"

Electronic Academic Textbook "Engineering Graphics"

Electronic Academic Textbook "Features of Audiofile Processing in Program Adobe Soundbooth CS3"

Electronic Academic Textbook "Graph Theory"

Electronic Academic Textbook "Information Cryptographic Protection"

Electronic Academic Textbook "Legal Databases"

Electronic Academic Textbook "Networks & Network Systems"

Electronic Academic Textbook "Probability Theory"

Electronic Academic Textbook "Safe Vital Activities"

Electronic Academic Textbook "Tools & Systems of Technical Support of Transmission, Storage, & Processing of Information"

Electronic Educational & Methodical Manual "Modern Russian Language" ("Phonetics & Phonology", "Morphology", "Syntax")

Electronic Educational & Methodical Manual "Modern Russian Literary Language" ("Introduction into Modern Russian Literary Language", "Phonetics & Phonology", "Orthoepy, Graphics, & Orthography")

Electronic Educational & Methodical Manual "Philosophy"

Electronic Educational & Methodical Manual in General Physics for Bachelors (Section "Optics")

Electronic Manual "Entertaining Tasks to Develop Cognitive Interest of Children of School Age (5th to 10th Grades)"

Glycyrrhiza Glabra Extract with Antituberculous Activity

Graphical Instrumental Environment to Model Sensitive Elements Based on Fractal Approach

Graphical Visualization of ADC Indications to Determine CMR Effect of Magnetic Specimens

Graphical Visualization of ADC Indications to Determine Curie Point of Magnetic Specimens

Hardware & Software Web Search System for Information Content of Corporate Network

I & R System "Prospective Student of Astrakhan State University"

I & R System to University Top Management

Impact of Blockers of H-Receptors & Antihistamines upon Biological Structures

Impact of Warfare Toxic Agents upon Biological Structures

Information System "Telephone Book of Astrakhan State University"

Information System to Record & Present Objects of Intellectual Property

Intellectual System to Model of Financial Markets Based on Cyclic Cross-Stock Technical Analysis of Main Indicators by Applying Neurocomputing

Interactive Academic Manual "Structural & Functional Features of Cell Structure"

Interactive Audiovisual Academic Textbook to Install Microsoft Windows & Office on PC

Interactive Internet/Intranet System for Sensor Information Terminals, with Package of Information Reference Services

Interactive Software Ordering System for Catering Facilities & Entertaining Centers Based of Sensor Menu with Vandal-Proof Monitor

Internet Portal "Students & Alumni of Astrakhan State University"

Lemnoideae of Volga’s Delta – Determinants of Ecotone Consortiums "Lemnakonsortsii"

Magnetic Field Visualization by Applying Sensors with CMR Effect

Method of Express Sorption-Colorimetric Detection of Tetracycline in Urine

Method to Assess Areactogenic Action of Probiotic Preparation

Method to Create Natural Forage Base in Fishery Ponds of Sturgeon-Breeding Facilities

Method to Cultivate Nelumbo Nucifera under Conditions of Volga River’s Delta

Method to Detect Dogs’ Infection Dirotilaria Immitis

Method to Obtain Enterosorbent with Antioxidant Properties

Method to Obtain Natural Sorbent to Purify Water in Utility & Drinking Water Supply System

Method to Prepare Sorbent to Purify Hydrocarbons from Sulfur Compounds

Mobile Robot Control System. Assignment Control Subsystem

Mobile Robot Control System. Command Control Subsystem

Mobile Robot Control System. Knowledge Interpretation & User-Robot Interaction Subsystem

Mobile Robot Control System. Reaction Control Subsystem

Modeling of Polycrystals Magnetization Reversal Processes, Considering with Magnetodipole Interaction between Grains

Module of Data Exchange with Shop Equipment for Complex Information System “TB.Corporation”

Molecular Diagrams of Structured Surfaces

Open Rapid Filter

Phytotea "Parmelin"

Recording of Postgraduate Students’ Contingent

Recording of Services Quality Indicators at Astrakhan Telecommunication Company “YuTK” JSC

Reference Analytical System "Areal Tourism & Reactional Resources"

Reference Manual "Development of Corporate Quality Management System"

Resident Software Package to Assess PC User’s Psychoemotional State Based on Analysis of Minor Movements by Applying Algorithmic Components of Neural Networks

Software Package "Multiple-Theme System of Electronic Subscription/Unsubscription & News Posting"

Stock Recording in Production of Construction Materials

Structural Organization of Communities of Macrozoobenthos in Volga’s Delta

Structural Organization of Communities of Phytoplankton in Volga’s Delta

Sun-and-Wind Heating & Hot Water Supply System

Sun-and-Wind Power Unit

Sun-And-Wind-Powered Water Distiller

Synthesis Method & Biological Activity of 3-aryl(methyl)-5-nitromethyl-1,2,4-oxadiazoles

System of Information Centralized Storage & Processing Concerning Hotels, Suites, & Associated Facilities, with Opportunity to Book Suites & Edit Data via Web Interface

System of Intellectual Control of High-Temperature Annealing Units Based on Processing of Indicators of Sensors by Algorithms of Neural Networks

System to Control Electronic Transmission Microscope "Tesla-BS500"

System to Control High-Temperature Annealing Unit Based on Calculation of Thermal Conductivity Equation

System to Control High-Temperature Annealing Unit Based on Processing of Indicators of Thermocouples & Gradual Adjustment of Heating Circuit Load

System to Control Unit of Controlled Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes Based on Calculation of Thermal Conductivity Equation

Technological Line of Products Formulation Based on Nelumbo Nucifera

Toxic Impact upon Biological Structures

Transfluxor Testing

Virtual Analyzer of Wire Communications to Detect Information Secret Collection Devices

Virtual Laboratory Workshop "Research of Electron Diffraction on Crystal Structures"

Virtual Laboratory Workshop "Research of Hydrogen Atomic Radiation. Rydberg Constant Value Calculation"

Virtual Model of Electromagnetic Field Indicator

Virtual Model of Nonlinear Radar

Virtual Multilanguage Guide "Traveling Up & Down Astrakhan"

Wall Stone

Watermelon "Novinka Astrakhani" (“New Product of Astrakhan”)

Wave Power Unit

Web Site "Historic Sites & Monuments of Astrakhan Region"

Wind-Powered Thermal Electric Generator

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