"Explanatory Dictionaries: Annotated Catalogue" on Research & Educational Portal of Russian Language “Yarus”

"Morphology of Pronoun: Theory" on Research & Educational Portal of Russian Language “Yarus”

"Morphology of Verb" on Research & Educational Portal of Russian Language “Yarus”

Agents with Fungicide Activity

Apparatus to Sow Sprouted Seeds of Cucurbitaceous Crops

Aubergine "Palchikoviy" (“Little Finger”)

Automated Information Processing System "Logistic Web System of Intellectual Parking Lot (with Function of Online Monitoring of Available Space & Booking)"

Automated Information Processing System "Program to Control Hardware of Intellectual Parking Lot (with Function to Identify Available Space, Control Incoming Vehicles, & Guide Way to Parking Space)"

Automated Information Processing System "Web System to Search & Display Research Staff’s Personal Data (Supporting Dynamic Loading of Information)"

Average Values of Lengths, Weight, & Age of Caught Fish

Chemical & Pharmaceutical Features of Representatives of Genus Lycopus L.

Complex Information Geographical Reference Manual of Astrakhan Region’s Settlements

Computer Program “Anthropogenic Dangers”

Conflicts in Nature Management & Their Solutions in Astrakhan Region

Contact Water Heater

Contact-Surface Water Heater

Cucurbitaceous & Agricultural Sites in Astrakhan Region

Cultural Heritage of Lower Volga Frontier

Database “Catering Companies in the City of Astrakhan”

Database “Chain of Pharmacies in the City of Astrakhan”

Database “Challenges & Threats Concerning Ethnic Political Situation in Southern Russia: Caspian Littoral Vector of Russia’s Social & Political Stability”

Database “Geography of Price Range at Russian Market of Newly-Built & Used Housing Premises”

Database “Political Falsification of History”

Database “Prices Actually Set for Agricultural Products”

Database “Training & Professional Qualification of Staff of Astrakhan State University”

Database “Verbs Related to Love & Fear in Works by Edgar Allan Poe”

Database of Techniques to Enhance Operating Characteristics of Elements of Control Systems

Derivation Functional Specifics of Applying Components Borrowed from Foreign Languages

Derivatives of Dihydropyridine with Phenylcarbamate Fragment

Device to Catch Bloodsucking Insects (Mosquitoes, Blackflies) with Complex Impact upon Their Receptors

Device to Catch Migratory Fish in River

Device to Scare Bloodsucking Insects

Device to Transport Water from Melted Greenlandic Glaciers

Diseases of Vegetable Crops in Covered Soil

Electronic Educational & Methodical Manual "Technique to Assess Impact of Fire upon Flora Genepool of Biocenosis"

Electronic Educational & Methodical Manual in Discipline "Equations of Mathematical Physics"

Ethnic Atlas of Caspian Littoral Region

Forage Additive from Limnetic Mollusks Anadonta & Unio for Laying Hens

Frictional Heat-Generator

Front Sprinkling Unit

Gas Water Heater

General Economy of Russian Federation

Geochemical Database of Industrial Natural Resources in Water Area of Caspian Sea

Grab to Catch Hydrobionts

Hunting Areas in Astrakhan Region

Hydraulic Mixer to Treat Water with Coagulants

Impact of Brassinosteroids upon Organisms of Different Levels of Philogenesis

Information System of Integral Health Assessment of Children with Disorders of Central Nervous System

Landscape Ecological Analysis of the City of Astrakhan

Life & Works by Yuri Selenskiy

Main Breeds of Sheep; Their Biological & Agricultural Characteristics

Mechanized Device to Attract Insects & Obtain Forage Mass from Them

Method to Obtain Hydrazones of Nitro-Tetrazole-5-Carbaldehyde

Method to Obtain Oil from Seeds of Styphnolobium Japonicum & Its Composition

Method to Prepare Seeds of Watermelon “Astrakhanskiy” for Sowing

Method to Wash Seeds of Cucurbitaceous Crops after Extraction from Fruits & Device to Execute It

Moldova’s Red Book Fauna

Moldova’s Red Book Flora & Fungi

Multibarrel Sprinkling Muzzle-Activator

Nutritious Composition Based on Limnetic Mollusks Anadonta & Unio for Fur-Bearing Animals

Phytochemical Research of Extracts of Tagetes Patula L.

Planting Attachment for Dotted-Line and Hole Sowing of Sprouted Seeds of Tilled, Vegetable, & Cucurbitaceous Crops

Planting Attachment for Swollen & Sprouted Seeds

Plowshare Section of Seeding Machine

Plowshare to Plough Seeds & Fertilizers into Soil

Program for Automatic Tackling & Difficulty Estimation of Unified State Examination Tasks in ICT (Task Block C3)

Program for Initial Calibration & Extraction of Values of Electrical Resistance of Magnetic Sensitive Elements Based on Manganites with Effect of Colossal Magnetoresistance

Program to Commutate Data Flows in Local Network

Program to Convert Binary Files of Integrated Models into Text Format with Cluster Data

Program to Display Messages for Drivers & Demonstrate Advertisements on Information Board of Intellectual Parking Lot

Program to Manage Official Web Site of Bogdinsko-Baskunchakski Nature Reserve “Bolshoe Bogdo”

Program to Model Adsorption Layers Obtained by Precipitating Defective Extended Particles with Defects onto Surface

Program to Test Operability of Classrooms (Tbasekonteynertable, Tfile Konteyner Table, Tmem Konteynertable)

Quantity of Main Types of Hunting Resources in Russian Federation

Rare Medicinal Plants of Astrakhan Region

Research of Lead Ionic Diffusion

Research of Processes of Interaction between Ions of Copper (II) and Chloramphenicol in Presence of Hydrogen Peroxide

Russian-English Dictionary "Vessel Power Systems"

Russian-English Dictionary in Sailboat Steering

Spiritual Tradition of Astrakhan Region

Sprinkler-Activator for Mobile Sprinkling Machines

Subsystem to Select Techniques to Enhance Operating Characteristics of Technical Device

Sun-and-Wind-Powered Water Distiller

Sweet Pepper "Novichok Vniiob" (“Newbie of National Research Institute of Irrigated Vegetable & Watermelon Cultivation”)

Thematic Groups of Language Borrowings from Farsi

Tomato "Marathon"

Total Length of Astrakhan Region’s Streets, Lanes, and Quays

Water Treatment Unit

Wide-Cut Sprinkler

Wind Heat-and-Power Unit

Wind Power Generator

Wind-Driven Unit

Wind-Powered Frictional Heat-Generator

Wind-Powered Heat-Generator

Wind-Powered Water Distiller

Wind-Powered Water Heater

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