3-replaced 4,4(5n)-dicarbonitrile-5-phenylisoxazolines with Antifungal Activity

Adaptive Module of Tests for Moodle Distance Education System

Application of 1-getaryl-2-nitro-2-(3-phenyl-1,2,4-oxadiazole-5-yl) Ethanes as Psychotropic Stuff

Ash Collector Economizer

Automated Complex to Assess Foam-Forming Ability to Multicomponent Systems

Automated Information System "Auditorium Stock"

Automated Subsystem "Unit of Paid Educational Services"

Automated System to Generate Variants of Footwear Design "Innoobuv-Pro"

Automated System to Support Morphological Analysis & Synthesis of Sensitive Elements, with Opportunity to Execute Expert Analysis

Automation of Calculations of Main Energy & Charge Characteristics to Model Intermolecular Interactions

Commercial Offers Specialized Search System

Complex Forage Additive for Agricultural Animals & Birds

Conveyor Manufacturing of Agricultural Produce

Cultural Heritage of Astrakhan Region

Current State of Architectural Monuments of Regional Significance in Astrakhan City

Database of Passports of Physico-Tec Technical Double-Entry Effects & Energy Sources Invariant to Nature of Elapsing Processes

Development of Technology of Conveyor Manufacturing of Agricultural Products

Device to Prevent Spill of Oil & Oil Products from Dangerous Oil Pipeline

Ecological Safety at Food Industry Enterprises & Ecological Safety of Manufactured Food Products

Electronic Library "Weblibrary 2.0"

Electronic Methodical Manual: "Studying Mathematics in English"

Electronic Methodical Recommendations "Preparation of Students for Practical Activities during Teaching Physics”

Electronic Reference Manual of Main Legal Acts “Concerning Energy-Saving & Increase of Energy Efficiency”

Fauna of Bogdinsko-Baskunchakski Nature Reserve

Floating Power Station

Flora of Bogdinsko-Baskunchakski Nature Reserve

Fungicide Agents

Grinder of Reed into Pellets

Heat Meter of Calorimetric Type


Heating Wind-Powered Unit

Heating Wind-Powered Unit

Hi-Tech Production of Boiled & Frozen Products from Crawfish

Ice-Breaking Device of Vessel

Information System "Budgeting"

Information System to Monitor University’s Competition & Grant Activities

Laboratory Experimental Unit to Obtain Graphene Multilayers

Machine to Harvest Reed for Pellets on Flat Areas

Method of Biological Protection from Sanguivorous Flying Insects & Device for Its Practical Application

Method of Differentiated Selection of Earthworm Biomass during Breeding & Feeding

Method of Differentiated Selection of Earthworm Biomass during Breeding & Feeding

Method of Quantitative Assessment of Amiodarone

Method of Quantitative Assessment of Amitriptyline

Method of Quantitative Assessment of Sulpha Drugs in Dosage Forms

Method of Sanitary Hygienic Rate-Setting of Harmful Substance in Soil

Method to Activate Microcirculation of Face Skin by Applying Sulfide-Sludge Therapeutic Mud

Method to Capture Video Image with Light-Reflecting Materials

Method to Change Prooxidant & Antioxidant Balance of Skin under Continuous Applicative Impact of Sulfide-Sludge Therapeutic Mud

Method to Correct Visual Perception of Children with Heavy Locomotive Disorders

Method to Cultivate Industrial Plantations of Peach with Seeds

Method to Cultivate Nelumbo Nucifera in Natural & Artificial Water Bodies

Method to Manufacture Cultured Milk Drink from Camel Milk

Method to Manufacture Permanent Magnet from Strontium Hexaferrite Powder

Method to Obtain 1-getaryl-2-nitro-2-(3-phenyl-1,2,4-oxadiazole-5-yl) Ethanes

Method to Obtain 2(3n)-Benzothiazolone & Some Derivatives Based on It

Method to Obtain Bacterial Lactoferrin

Method to Obtain Sorbent for Preliminary Purification of Water from Oil Products

Method to Obtain Sorbent to Purify Water

Modeling of Process of Deposition of Anisotropic Particles (Dimers) onto Substrate, Disregarding Interaction between Objects and Provided Ordering Factors Come into Effect

Module "Virtual University" for Moodle Distance Education System

Module of Electronic Payment for Moodle Distance Education System Monitoring of Postgraduate Students’ Contingent

Monitoring of Retraining Programs Covered by Staff of Astrakhan State University

Monohydrochlorides & Sodium Salts of Tautomeric 5(6)-Alcoxycarbonylamine-Derivatives of 2-aryl-1-hydroxybenzimidazole-3-oxide with High Antifungal Activity & Their Obtainment Method

Phytotea "Kaspiyskiy"

Production of Fish Sausage Products from Ordinary Fish

Program to Automate Saving of Book Pages from Electronic Library Nglib-Free.Ru

Project to Create Historical Archaeological Site “Samosdelka Settlement”

Protected Natural Areas of Astrakhan Region

Raw Mix to Produce Gas Concrete

Rotary Wind-Powered Engine

Rotary Wind-Powered Engine

Software Package to Calculate Characteristics of Optical Information Transmission Channel to Daylight Flying Insects

Soil Cover of Urbanized Areas

Sulphonic Derivatives of 2-nitro-2-(3-aryl-1,2,4-oxadiazole-5-yl) ethane with Antileprotic & Antituberculous Activity

System to Support Decision-Making & Monitor Projects

Technique to Apply Shell Valves of Freshwater Nacre Bivalvia Mollusks of Unio Pictorum Family in Cosmetic Products

Technology to Obtain Graphene Multilayers

Technology to Produce Dried Vegetable Juices

Tinders of Astrakhan Region

Toilet Filler for Domestic Animals "Murtool"

Training Manual “Lean Production”

Vertebrates of Astrakhan Region

Weighted Drilling Mud

Wind-and-Wave-Driven Power Unit

Wind-Driven Unit

Wind-Powered Thermal Electric Generator

Wind-Powered Water Heater

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