Aubergine "Sosulka" (“Icicle”)

Automated Information System "Record of Medicinal Preparations & Prescriptions"

Automated Information System to Register & Record Applications to Participate in Scientific Conferences, Symposia, & Seminars for Intranet/Internet Network

Automated System for Decision-Making & Object Monitoring of Events Arranged in Astrakhan Region

Automated System to Assess Traffic & Capacity of Cellular Network

Automated System to Control Network Resources

Automated System to Create & Control Internet Resources Based on Automatic Generation of HTML Forms & SQL Queries "CMSlaps"

Automated System to Monitor Investment Sites & Objects of Restauration, Reconstruction, & Construction

Automated System to Process Information of Educational Services Export Unit of Astrakhan State University

Automated System to Record & Control Waybills

Bath Agent Based on Natural Raw Materials

Calculation of Parameter of Crystal Lattice, Considering with Oxygen Holes

Cotton AS-1

Data Interactive Visualization Automated System Interfaced with Specialized Mathematical Packages & Databases

Database “Competitiveness & Analysis of Regional Clusters”

Device to Purify Aerodynamic Flows over Industrial Baths

Digit Arrays Ranking Device

Electronic Methodical Manual "Information Systems in Economy"

English-Russian Dictionary for Mathematician Students

Geological Database for Subsurface Injection of Sewage & Drainage in Russian Regions

Information System to Analyze Sales of Commercial Company

Information System to Monitor Biological Diversity of Astrakhan Region

Melon "Chudo-Yudo" (“Fairy-Tale Monster”)

Method to Forecast Development of Chronic Prostatitis

Morphological Disorders of Fish Sperm Cells under Various Unfreezing Conditions

Ornamental Plants in Urbanized Areas of Russia’s Arid Zones (Range List) "Aridophytodecor"

Planting Attachment with Humidifier

Professional Reference Manual to Search Malfunctions & Repair Printers

Software Package to Implement Biophysical Processes Control Algorithms in Fishery Control Systems

Sorbent S-KP to Purify Atmospheric Air

Sweet Pepper "Malyutka" (“Baby”)

Sweet Pepper "Yazychok Tyoshchi" (“Little Tongue of Mother-in-Law”)

Ten-Sensor Automated System to Forecast Network Behavior Based on Double-Layer Neural Network by Applying Algorithm of Parallel-Serial Probability Graphs Calculation

Watermelon "Konkurent" (“Competitor”)

Web Portal "Television Media Center of Astrakhan State University". Interactive Educational System in Academic Course "Nonlinear Editing"

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