Certificates for Computer Programs

Software Module to Support Remote Control of Land Plots Watering

Software Licenses Record Keeping Program

Information System “Formation & Distribution of Workload of Faculty Staff of Astrakhan State University”

Electronic Manual “ICT in Documentation & Archive Management”

Program to Calculate Electric Conductivity of Adsorption Monolayer

Data Updating Automated System Applying Asynchronous Method

Information Analytical System of Students’ Achievements Record Keeping

Software Package to Tackle Tasks of Node Percolation on Triangular Lattices

Formation & Printing of Diplomas & Appendices for PhDs

Virtual Laboratory “Mathematical Models in Natural Science”

Educational Environment for Children of Preschool & School Age Applying Marker Technology & Augmented Reality

Program to Operate Database of Actions Related to Admission of Students to Educational Institution

Electronic Academic Methodical Manual “Modern Natural Science World Image”

Game Application PLAY & GROW to Train Muscles of Upper & Lower Extremities

Heterogeneous Data Exchange Integrated Service “1C – Academic Process – Loop – Library”

Software Package to Teach UML Design Language

Information Educational System to Monitor Educational Process at Astrakhan State University

Adikhan Shadrin’s Life & Artistic Works

Electronic Manual “Set of Didactic Tools to Master Knowledge of Light Phenomena

Timetable of Classes for Internet Portal of ASU

Information System for University Chairs Records Management

Program to Determine Geometric Skeleton of Percolation Cluster

Program to Model Impact of Diffusion upon Physical Properties of Two-Dimensional System Consisting of Rod-Shaped Particles

Certificates for Databases

Characteristics of Soil Cover of Rechnoe Monitoring Ground

Morphologic & Biological Characteristics of Astrakhan Region’s Weeds

Biologically Active Substances Agastache Foeniculum L

Determination of Quantitative Concentration of Carbohydrates in Sweet Pepper Extract

System Structured Approach to Select Didactic Tools to Study Carbohydrates

Catalysts & Catalytic Systems to Purify Airspace from Carbon Monoxide

Database of Practical Works in “Cartography with Fundamentals of Topography”

Physical & Geographical Characteristics of Western Ilmen-Knoll Area of Astrakhan Region

“Electronic Catalogue of Relationship” on Yarus Research Educational Portal of Russian Language

Derivatives of 4-formylphenyl-n-carbamate with Antimicrobial Activity

Patents for Inventions

Composition of Cosmetic Agent from Nacreous Component to Care about Dry, Combined, and Dehydrated Skin of Face, Neck, and Décolleté for Regeneration & Moisturizing

Device to Harvest Yuzhniy (Southern) Reed

Plowshare Section for Precise Depth Sowing

Rotary Melioration Ripper

Hydrazones of Nitrotetrazole-5-Carbaldehyde with Antifungal Activity

Nutritional Composition Based on Anodonta & Unio Freshwater Mollusks for Agricultural Animals

Method to Obtain Oil from Seeds of Robinia Pseudoacacia & Oil Composition

Method to Obtain Oil from Melon Seeds & Oil Composition

Young Locust Extermination Device

Technique & Device to Correct Planovalgus Deformity of Feet

Composition of Cosmetic Cream Based on Nacreous Component to Care Fat Skin of Face for Moisturizing & Nutrition

Technique to Perform Dredging

Cosmetic Composition to Care Dry & Mature Skin of Face

Forage Granulated Mixture Based on Phragmites Australis for Young Cattle

Technique & Set to Assess Polymorphism of Genes of Folate Cycle with PCR Method

Method of Qualitative & Quantitative Evaluation of Pyridoxine

RoboShakh Robotized Chess

Technique to Stimulate Growth & Development of Plants, Increase Crop Productivity, and Protect from Plant Pathogenic Fungi

Means to Obtain 4-aryl-2,7,9-triazaspiro[4.5]decane-6,8,10-triones

Manganite with Colossal Magnetoresistance in Temperature Range at 190 to 300 K

Useful Model Patents

Device to Control Behavior of Pollinating Insects by Influencing Their Chemoreceptors with Components of Flowers of Cultivated Plants

Pulp Transportation Vessel for Dredging

Device Based on Materials with Reradiative Properties to Attract Insects

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